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NuGreen Solutions, Inc.


NuGreen Specialty, Inc.

The NuGreen family of companies specializes in cutting-edge technologies for the oil and gas industry. The core of the product line is exclusive to NuGreen and represents solutions to some common issues to the industry.  In addition to a line of environmentally friendly products, NuGreen has developed industry- changing technologies such as;

  • The ability to permanently bind salt in soil....Soil Saver
  • Convert tank heels or oil sludge back into recoverable, sell-able oil....Petro-Recover
  • Inhibit Asphaltene precipitation caused by Condensate....Petro-FR
  • Provide Unique Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) options....Petro-Boost

Numerous case studies and technical materials are provided for each of the technologies on the appropriate web page.




Enviro Sulfa-Bind....A new solution to Sour Gas Issues!  The product contains no amines or amine derivatives and is completely safe to use and handle (It carries a Triple-Zero HMIS Rating).  The H2S is converted to a water-soluble sodium sulfate and does not generate an elemental sulfur by-product.  The application simplicity makes it ideal for all locations, including space limited off-shore applications.   See more Information in the "Production" section.


TDY Series....A product that can be used for a number of issues including treating slop oils and drill cuttings.  It als addresses the viscosity issues associated with heavy oil in water-based drilling muds.  It significantly reduces the viscosity of the entrained oil, thus reducing pumping and "flow-ability" issues.  It can also be used on heavy oil sludges.  See more information in the "Specialty" section.





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